TV & National Radio

Spiritual Abuse and the Church – BBC Radio 4 (listen at 5mins) (aired June 25th 2017)

Victoria Derbyshire Programme, BBC2 – Jayne discusses the Scottish Episcopal Church’s decision to allow same-sex marriage with Susie Leafe, Director of Reform (aired June 8th 2017)

The Big Questions, BBC1 – Does God See Homosexuality as a Sin? – Jayne goes head to head with the Revd Jonathan Pyke, recently consecrated a Missionary Bishop for Britain by a break away South African Church (aired February 20th 2017)

Agree to Differ, BBC Radio 4 – Anglican Communion and Homosexuality – Jayne takes on Canon Hassan John from Nigeria over the Church’s attitude to homosexuality (aired April 13th 2016)

Channel 4 News Jayne discusses the Archbishop’s apology with Andrea M Williams of Christian Concern (aired January 22nd 2016).

Does Scripture Forbid Same-Sex Relationships? – Jayne takes on Robert Gagnon on Unbelievable, Premier Christian Radio for this key debate (April 25th 2015)

Unbelievable, Premier Christian Radio – Jayne joins Steve Chalke and Ed Shaw to discuss whether the Church is failing LGBT Christians (aired February 28th 2015)

Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4 – Jane Garvey interviews Jayne about the challenges of being a gay Christian – listen at 32:40 (aired February 14th 2015)

Christian Today “Coming Out” video interview with Ruth Gledhill, February 2nd 2015