TV & National Radio

Radio 5 Live – guest on the Emma Barnett Show to discuss ethical and moral issues – Where is God in our suffering?  Should we allow designer babies?  Litsen at 2hr 38mins

ITV News for Channel Islands – interview with Jayne on launch of Ozanne Foundation, December 30th, 2017

BBC Radio Guernsey – in-depth two part interview on the launch of the Ozanne Foundation with Jayne by Ollie Gillou during Drive Time, December 28th 2017

Bishop of London, Women in the Church, and Models of Disagreement with Bishop Rod Thomas – Newsnight, December 18th 2017 (starts at 26 mins)


Resignation of Lorna Ashworth & Future of the Church of England – Radio 5 Live discussion, November 14th 2017 (listen at 7 mins to 30mins)

Resignation of Lorna Ashworth – BBC R4 Sunday, November 12th 2017 (listen at 18mins)

Church of England and Sexual Abuse – C4 News, November 1st 2017

Guernsey Christian speaks out about abuse within the Church – ITV Channel News, November 2nd 2017

BBC Radio Guernsey, November 2nd 2017 (listen from the start – main interview at 1710)

Channel 4 jpeg

Spiritual Abuse and the Church – BBC Radio 4 (listen at 5mins) (aired June 25th 2017)

Victoria Derbyshire Programme, BBC2 – Jayne discusses the Scottish Episcopal Church’s decision to allow same-sex marriage with Susie Leafe, Director of Reform (aired June 8th 2017)

The Big Questions, BBC1 – Does God See Homosexuality as a Sin? – Jayne goes head to head with the Revd Jonathan Pyke, recently consecrated a Missionary Bishop for Britain by a break away South African Church (aired February 20th 2017)

Agree to Differ, BBC Radio 4 – Anglican Communion and Homosexuality – Jayne takes on Canon Hassan John from Nigeria over the Church’s attitude to homosexuality (aired April 13th 2016)

Channel 4 News Jayne discusses the Archbishop’s apology with Andrea M Williams of Christian Concern (aired January 22nd 2016).

Does Scripture Forbid Same-Sex Relationships? – Jayne takes on Robert Gagnon on Unbelievable, Premier Christian Radio for this key debate (April 25th 2015)

Unbelievable, Premier Christian Radio – Jayne joins Steve Chalke and Ed Shaw to discuss whether the Church is failing LGBT Christians (aired February 28th 2015)

Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4 – Jane Garvey interviews Jayne about the challenges of being a gay Christian – listen at 32:40 (aired February 14th 2015)

Christian Today “Coming Out” video interview with Ruth Gledhill, February 2nd 2015