Follow Up to Conversion Therapy

On July 18th 2017, Jayne wrote to the Archbishops, as Presidents of the Synod, requesting that they might discuss how best to take forward the call on the government for a ban on conversion therapy, and whether it might be possible to consider working with the MOU coalition in order to encourage other religious organisations to consider the matter too.

The Archbishop of Canterbury replied on July 26th 2017 stating that he did not believe it was the mind of Synod for the matter to be followed up with the coalition in any way, but that he would ensure a copy of the correspondence with the Department of Health was sent on.

On Sep 5th 2017 Jayne was duly sent the reply letter from the Parliamentary Under Secretary for State for Care and Mental Health, which seemed to imply they were not aware that the Synod had chosen to endorse the 2015 MOU.

On September 15th 2017, Jayne wrote the the Parliamentary Under Secretary herself explaining the importance of the Synod’s vote, especially in terms of a religious organisation choosing to publicly endorse the MOU.  She requested a meeting to enable her to discuss practical steps that the Department of Health might wish to take to help protect other vulnerable LGBT+ adults and teenagers.  On September 25th 2017 she received a reply from the Department of Health, which yet again failed to understand the significance of what she had been asking regarding regulating the role of religious organisations in conversion therapy. Ben Bradshaw MP then wrote to the Minister for Health, asking if he would meet with Jayne, to which the following reply was given.

In addition, Jayne wrote to the Bishop of Coventry to ask why he alone had chosen to vote against the motion, particularly as he was now chairing the new Teaching Document group.  He replied on August 1st 2017 with the following explanation.



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